Hawke’s Bay Organic Chicken Farmers Crowned New Zealand’s Most Outstanding Producer

Hawke’s Bay Organic Free-Range Chicken Producers, the Bostock Brothers have been crowned New Zealand’s Most Outstanding Food Producer.

Bostock Brothers, owners Ben and George Bostock were delighted to be announced the supreme champions at the Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards.

“The Bostock Brothers team is so thrilled to receive this supreme award. We strive to produce the best quality chicken in New Zealand and it’s amazing to be endorsed by 25 food expert judges as New Zealand’s most outstanding producer.” says George Bostock.

As well as being announced as the supreme champions, Bostock Brothers was also named the Paddock Champion and received two gold medals for its Organic Chicken Thighs, Chicken Breasts and Whole Chicken and received a bronze medal for its sausages.

The small Hawke’s Bay Producer was judged supreme winner out of 225 food and drink entries – with an array of outstanding producers from all over New Zealand.

“It’s so exciting to see our organic chicken products sitting up there with the best producers in the country. Our team works so hard to produce a quality product where we have full control from the orchard gate all the way through to the end consumer,” says Ben Bostock.

When it comes to farming organic chickens the Bostock Brothers are focused on quality over quantity and believe this is the recipe for success.

The two brothers set up New Zealand’s only organic chicken farm, five years ago when they saw a gap in the market for premium, “real deal” free-range organic chicken. Bostock Brothers grow their own organic feed and farm, pack and market their own organic chickens.

George says to produce quality, you also have to give chickens the best life.

“Our flock sizes are more than a tenth the size of a normal free-range farm. Our chickens can roam freely amongst the apple trees in the orchard. They live a longer happier life, and this has a very positive effect on the quality of the meat.”

Focusing on quality has also required a focus on unique techniques. Bostock Brothers is the only New Zealand chicken producer to air chill its chickens, rather than using chlorine water baths which is standard practise in New Zealand. Chlorine water baths have been banned in the EU because of the health risks of using chlorine.

George says air chilling ensures the chicken is chemical free and means there is less water and shrinkage during cooking.

“All other New Zealand chicken producers use water chilling, which results in highly chlorinated water pouring out on your pan when cooking. We believe a drier bird before cooking, is a more tender bird, so air chilling certainly improves the quality.”

The judges raved about the Bostock Brothers organic chicken products saying they had ‘Outstanding flavor and were ssucculent and delicious.’

Following the judges’ assessment of aroma, appearance, taste, texture and quality which accounted for 75% of the marks, products were assessed for sustainability and brand story.

“It was great to be recognised for our sustainable practises across our business. From our sustainable focus on the farm through to our compostable meat packaging and our returnable compostable packaging initiative for our customers,”

“Every day we are working hard to produce a superior tasting product that we know has been grown with a quality focus on our chickens, our environment and our customers,” says George.