Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the Bostock Brothers?

A: Ben and George Bostock grew up in an organic orcharding family, so organics has been in their blood from the very beginning.

It was this that prompted Ben and George to start an organic chicken farm in 2014 and today it remains the only commercial organic chicken business in New Zealand.

Bostock Brothers means a lot to Ben and George and they are currently actively involved with the business as Brand Ambassadors.

Q: What is the difference with Bostock Brothers organic free-range product?

A: Our chickens are free ranging, they have the luxury of large areas of lush green grass allowing them to roam freely or enjoy the spacious purpose built chicken chalets.

Our chickens are certified by AsureQuality Organic which is a commitment to ensure premium feed availability that includes grass, apples and organic certified feed consisting of grains such as barley, and wheat.

Q: Are you checked to make sure you are doing everything you say you are?

A: We are audited regularly by MPI and by AsureQuality to be able to keep our organic certification.

If we fail those inspections, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves organic.

Q: What do your chickens eat?

A: Our chickens eat only organic feed, everything is non-GMO, and we grow the maize for our chicken feed ourselves so we can ensure it is of the highest quality.

Our organic chickens also spend a large part of their day foraging through the orchards for bugs and apples.

Q: What about growth promoters, hormones and antibiotics?

A: We don’t use any antibiotics, hormones or growth promoters.

Q: What do you mean when you say that you ‘air chill’ your chickens?

A: A part of the way that chickens are processed is that they need to be cooled down before they can move on to the next stage.

We are the only company in New Zealand to air chill our chickens, which means that we let them cool down in a chilled environment before they move on to the next stage

Q: Do your chickens really live on orchards?

A: Yes, they really do. The land we raise our chickens on is home to a large orchard of organic apple trees that aren’t used for commercial production anymore.

Our organic chickens love to hunt through the orchard for dropped apples, forage for bugs or just hang out in the shade under the trees.

Q: Where can we buy Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken?

A: Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken can be found at all leading retailer and supermarkets. If your local store doesn’t stock Bostock Brothers Organic Chicken send us an email (lisaby@bostock.nz) and we’ll get in touch with the store directly, or you can buy online and we’ll deliver straight to your door.