Compostable Packaging

It’s unique and it’s an exciting development at Bostock Brothers

At Bostock Brothers, we care about the environment and are passionate about farming sustainably. So we are moving away from plastic to home compostable packaging, which is made from GM-free corn sources and wood pulp.

Both films used to make our Econic® packaging have been certified to the European and American composability standards (EN 13432 and ASTM6400). However, currently in New Zealand there is no compostable standards. We are pro-regulation and would like to see New Zealand quickly develop home compostable standards too.

All our Bostock Brothers chicken cuts are in our new econic home compostable packaging. We believe this is the first time meat has been packaged in compostable packaging of this kind in New Zealand. It’s a first, it’s unique and it’s an exciting development at Bostock Brothers.

So what does this mean? It means you can dispose of our packaging in your compost heap and let the worms and environment do the work to break it down.

The packaging is compostable when disposed of in a home compost environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. It is important to note that plenty of soil is required to compost the packaging well.

Here are some helpful steps to help you compost our packaging at home:

  • Remove any pricing sticker the retailer may have added.
  • If you are composting in your green bin or your compost pile, the balance of soil, temperature, moisture, oxygen and micro organisms are needed for the packaging to break down.
  • Always use plenty of soil especially if more compostable packaging is added to the mix. We don’t want your compost to stop working because the ratio is wrong.


Composting Aerobically – it is important to turn your compost to allow oxygen through and to ensure your compost is working aerobically. This allows the micro-organisms and worms to do their job properly. If you starve your compost from oxygen, this changes the system to an anaerobic compost system which increases the production of methane, a nasty greenhouse gas.

Please do not throw our compostable packaging in the landfill as it is a haven for anaerobic degradation.

The major driver of this move is to reduce our environmental impact and meet demand from our conscious consumers. Bostock Brothers wants to lead the way for a cleaner future.